The Ocean Conference: June 2017

To support the Governments of Fiji and Sweden in their mission to inspire advocacy and action for SDG 14 during the Ocean Conference, UNVR has curated a playlist of some of the best in 360’ video and interactive virtual reality to transport viewers to the coasts and deep waters of the sea, bathing them in the sights and sounds of the ocean.

This exhibition is coordinated by the UN SDG Action Campaign, powered by Samsung and includes collaboration with the Permanent Mission of France, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and many other partners.

The special exhibition will be on display in the UN General Assembly Visitor’s Lobby 5-9 June, from 10:00 – 16:30. The exhibition will be open to those with a UN grounds pass or a special events pass.

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Chasing Coral: the VR Experience – Directed by Jeff Orlowski. An Exposure Labs Production in partnership with Seaview 360 and The Ocean Agency

This adventurous underwater VR experience follows Zackery Rago, a passionate scuba diver and researcher, as he documented the unprecedented 2016 coral bleaching event at Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia. An insightful exploration that accompanies Jeff Orlowski’s feature film of the same name (Audience Award: US Documentary, Sundance Film Festival, 2017), about the quest of a group of filmmakers and ocean scientists to capture visual evidence of our changing oceans.

The Click Effect – Directed by Sandy Smolan and James Nestor. A Within production in partnership Annapurna Pictures.

Free dive with two marine scientists, as they capture the secret “click” communication of dolphins and sperm whales. This immersive VR experience follows researchers Fabrice Schnoller and Fred Buyle as they dive 100 feet under the ocean’s surface, on a single breath.

Infinite Scuba VR – Mission Blue and Cascade Game Foundry

Take a relaxing 5-minute vacation in Belize with legendary oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle in Infinite Scuba® VR. You’ll swim with colorful reef fish, sea turtles, groupers, and even a whaleshark. No two dives are the same! This beautiful, immersive VR experience is based on Infinite Scuba®, the award-winning video game in which players do what real divers do – identify wildlife, find artifacts, clean up the reef, and take photos to share with friends, while learning about dive science, local culture, and environmental issues. 

Out of the Blue  – Directed by Sophie ANSEL, narrated by Sylvia Earle and Judith Castro. A Film produced in partnership with VR for good by Oculus, Pelagic Life and Reelfx.

“Out of the Blue” is the inspiring story of the legacy inherited by the children of Cabo Pulmo. Once described by Jacques Cousteau as the Aquarium of the World, years of overfishing killed the reef and pushed its inhabitants to the brink of extinction. To get their reef back, the Castros—a family of fishermen family in Cabo Pulmo—chose to sacrifice their source of income and food by making a revolutionary yet dramatic decision. 

Science on the Great Barrier Reef – Directed by Christophe Bailhache. A Seaview 360 Production.

Join scientists in what could be the best office in the world… working underwater on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Filmed with scientists from the University of Queensland at Heron Island Research Station and part of a series of 5 films raising awareness about the Great Barrier Reef.

Tubbataha – Directed by Christophe Bailhache. A Seaview 360 Production in collaboration with the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Join H.A.H Prince Albert II of Monaco during his visit to the remote reefs of Tubbataha in the Philippines for a critical turtle conservation project in collaboration with the Tubbataha Reef National Park. Dive into one of the most beautiful seas in the world, the Sulu Sea.

Valen’s Reef – A Conservation International Film in partnership with Within, The Tiffany & Co. Foundation

Go on a dive with Ronald Mambrasar, a local fisherman-tunred-coral-reef-scientist and his son Valen into the crystal-clear waters of Raja Ampat in the Bird’s Head Seascape of Indonesia, the single greatest reservoir of marine life on the planet. Once facing overfishing and ecological collapse, these treasures were saved by one of the world’s most ambitious community-based conservation programs and are increasing in vitality each year. Despite only being the size of G​reat Britain, this unique area holds more species of fish than the entire Great Barrier Reef and more species of coral than the Caribbean Sea. Conservation International has helped local partners protect the waters of the Bird’s Head Seascape since 2004.

Walk With Penguins – Directed by Will McMaster. A production by BirdLife International and Visualize – For the first time, you can instantly transport yourself to a sub-antarctic penguin colony and immerse in the lives of Southern Rockhopper, King, Magellanic, and Gentoo Penguins. Watch in full HD as the penguins return from challenging journeys back to their colonies of fuzzy chicks. Beautiful. Inspiring. Under threat. Protect a Penguin at: